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By greg_lupo
Is it possible to write custom GH python nodes that could use archicad module?
GH works on Ironpython 2.7.5 and 'archicad' python module works on python 3.7.
Any ideas how to combine it?
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By leceta
I made a quick test a while ago, it worked fine. It's a json api call made from GH python component. As I dont have much time to work on this topic (and time goes on), let me share the piece of code with you. It just collect guid data for Archicad document (pretty dumb, don't expect anything fancy) but hopefully will guide someone on further developing useful logic. In theory this gives access to every function exposed in the JSON API from grasshopper (primarily attributes, drawing and views programmatical gets/sets)
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__author__ = "leceta"
__version__ = "2020.03.27"

import json
import urllib2
if run:
    req = urllib2.Request('http://localhost:19723')
    response = urllib2.urlopen(req,json.dumps({"command":"API.GetAllElements"}).encode("UTF-8"))
    result = json.loads(
    id = []
    for element in result['result']['elements']:
    result = [response]
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Thx, that looks promising, however it givs me an url error.

Urllib.PNG (126.03 KiB) Viewed 419 times

Might be related to our IT restrictions but actually it should work ... any ideas?

EDIT: OK, seems to only work when AC is not in Admin Mode while Rhino has to be running as admin.
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