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I'm trying to copy the view definitios of a project into another.

With external drawings interoperability I can combine both ends of the project: complete model and layouts, but not the intermediate views.

With atribute manager I can copy layers, pens and so on, but there's no option to copy views definitions

I can paste views from one project to another, but the drawing remais as a link, If I broke the link I got not the view available, but a kind of "in limbo drawing", that I can maintain or delete but not edit.

My question is, is there any way to do that but manually for every view?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to copy-paste Views between projects.
You can export/import MVOs, Attributes, Graphic Override Rules/Combinations, Renovation Filters, which are individual settings within View Settings, but you will have to redefine and resave the Views.
This is why creating and maintaining a good Template is so important because it contains all those View you may need in your project.