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Lets say I have reason to build countertops using the slab tool and the mesh tool and I have a special custom property set for countertops applied to both the slab countertop and the mesh countertop.
I would have thought that if sampled the mesh countertop I could inject the property data into the slab countertop, but this does not seem to be the case...

This works as expected between mesh to mesh and slab to slab.

There are lots of ways to model things in Archicad. It seems a shame to have my data trapped in an Object Type.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Try to schedule them. For schedule fields, select only those Property Data, nothing else. Then you can also use the "Merge Uniform Items" so elements are listed in as few rows as possible. Then you can modify the values from the Schedule for many elements in a single step.
If you're after easy ways to manage and transfer custom properties, you might want to check out our Metadata palette. You can transfer any combination of property values from any selection to any other selection, and see/edit property values live from the palette.

There's some more info here: ... -metadata/
…but let me know if you want more. A picture of the palette is attached.