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I am excited to announce the launch of our ARCHINTENSIVE event for 2021. We are changing up the format for this year’s event, first, it is virtual so geographic location is not an issue, secondly, it will run for 24 hours straight so there is something to watch in each time zone, and last and most importantly the event is free to attend, making it accessible to all Archicad users all over the world.

ARCHINTENSIVE 2021 is an online assembly of the top Archicad users and BIM specialists from all over the world. The live-streamed event will be comprised of 24 x 1-hour sessions, as each presenter shares their expertise and demonstrates processes & workflows using the features of Archicad (or other associated technology or tools). All sessions will provide takeaways that you can implement, spanning from the strategic needs of a practice, through to managerial systems and technical processes.

To learn more, register and become part of ARCHINTENSIVE 2021 head over to the event page.
I know...I missed it. Late to the party but....just out of sheer luck......were any of these sessions recorded somewhere to access now?