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hi, i'm using archicad 24 and i'm working on budget project on my uni, and i need to calculate the flooring price. here in my country, we use a sheet made by a government agency, and there is different prices depending on the zone calculated area - if area > 5 = price X; 5 < area < 10 = price Y; area > 10; price Z.

i'm using the property manager to apply these conditions, and i think i got the right expression, the problem is that the properties i want - calculated area and flooring total cost - doesn't show on the archicad sheets, because they are not related to surfaces, and i can't seem to find a way that allows me to apply an zone property on a slab surface/skin. also, i can't, by all means, use the surface/skin properties on the property manager, like "área projetada componente/camada" or "área exposta (por critério)" - i think it translates to "projected area component/layer" and "exposed area (by critery/description/choice idk)".


since i'm working with flooring, i put "slab" on the "availability for classifications" of each one of the properties i'm creating (unit costs and total costs), but i don't know if this is correct. here is the expression i made to calculate the total cost of the ceramic flooring (i wrote the property as "[CT] - Piso Cerâmico").

IFS ( ( {Property:Zona/Área Medida} / 1 m2 ) < 5; ( {Property:Laje/Área de Superfície do Topo} / 1 m2 ) * {Property:TATE - Revestimentos/[Custo Unit.] Piso Cerâmico (<5)}; ( {Property:Zona/Área Medida} / 1 m2 ) <= 10; ( {Property:Laje/Área de Superfície do Topo} / 1 m2 ) * {Property:TATE - Revestimentos/[Custo Unit.] Piso Cerâmico (5 - 10)}; ( {Property:Zona/Área Medida} / 1 m2 ) > 10; ( {Property:Laje/Área de Superfície do Topo} / 1 m2 ) * {Property:TATE - Revestimentos/[Custo Unit.] Piso Cerâmico (>10)} )

and here is the flooring sheet i'm creating:

i'm from brazil, so i'm translating some of the parameters/properties. i don't know if i'm translating right though:
  • área medida = calculated area
  • zona = zone
  • laje = slab
  • área de superfície do topo = top surface area
  • TATE - Revestimentos = a group made by me on the property manager, related to the discipline/course.
  • [Custo Unit.] Piso Cerâmico (>5)/(5-10)/(<5) = properties made by me on the same group i mentioned before, which means [Unit cost] Ceramic flooring (>5)/(5-10)/(<5). i put the prices offered by the government sheets on them, their data type is "number" and default value is "value"; availability for classifications: custom > slab.
  • [CT] Piso Cerâmico = ceramic flooring total cost. data type = number; default value = expression; availability for classifications: custom > slab.
anyways, if anyone can help me, i'd be reaaally thankful :)