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By marcinpilot
Archicad is way behind competition on the site tools like grading tools, site tools etc, Revit and Vectorworks doing much better job in this division, it’s kind of shameful that software of that caliber has still no dedicated site tools, remember architecture it’s not the building only !
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By Podolsky
Agree. Mesh tool that represent landscape, exists unchanged already 23 years!
All these temporary solutions like ArchiTerra, even RIKCAD - this is not really what needed.

There are plenty of room for landscaping - starting from having two types of landscaping tools - soft surface and hard surface. System can store for example XYZ file in the system and follow these heights while user is drawing on the plan soft surface. Hard surface can follow typical logic of roads and paving creating (maximum slope, kerb stones). As well parkings. Composite structure for hard surface (landscape designers would just love it! I did hear so many time from them this wish - to have composite in mesh). Even turning curves for vehicles can be as part of landscaping and road design.
By henryL
Please Graphisoft, please, make a better terrain tool. It is more than essential. Recently i made a partially underground house on a very steep hill and it was a nightmare.