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Hi there!

Here is Japanese software for landscape and garden design, completely built on ArchiCAD. It's ArchiCAD 23 with custom library and add-ons (and changed logo). Very similar principle how VICO Constructor was done.
Will this product be advertised by Graphisoft world-wide? Currently there is very few information about it in internet in English.
Super cool. Thanks for sharing!

They have their own full program, but even more exciting is their Landscape Add-On which works with the standard version of Archicad that we already have,

It's not on Mac yet, so I'm anxiously awaiting with my fingers crossed for that day.

The video demos of the add-on pack are pretty wild to see.

I've been curious why there is no cross promotion of this either from Graphisoft. I think when I looked into it before it's some old agreement from maybe the 90s where they licensed the Archicad core program and then RIK has modified. Maybe they don't want to hurt their Vectorworks business which has the Landmark program, but that seems silly just let people pick.
I've got demo version. To be honest - too many strange tools with strange functions, that necessary to get use to it. But it actually does things - even placing curb stones. Also strange, that I haven't found there view map - only project map and layouts and there is no publisher. View map exists somewhere in the program (otherwise how drawing is placed to layout?), I guess, but it's not shown in navigator.