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Any 2D tool what you need for drafting.

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A good program work process is about using the right method in a flexible process that is easy reachable and readable. This means implementing various methos for doing a similar or a similar kind of task(s).

Totally agree with the following:

- 'live' [layer manager] palette that permanently stays open.
- 'using folders and subfolders for organizing layers is one of the ESSENTIAL things to add to ArchiCAD !'
- 'At leeeeeeeast give us a search bar in the layer manager'
> 'Please GS, spend some time on some of these basic functions that have been neglected. They are heavily used by all AC users so need to be prioritized as such.'

Would like to add the following that would be nice within a dockable layer manager.

- Search for a layer(s)
- Filter layer(s)

For a paid software with some promises...

... (note from the website: Archicad is a professional building information modeling software solution complying with all digital-delivery requirements, offering an intuitive design environment, accurate building information management, open collaboration and automated documentation.)...

... there may be some valid basic expectations and there may be some valid addition of more value.
Totally agree,
Graphisoft needs to "update" the layer manager, currently its a time warp back to the 1990's

at the very least it needs the following

always on "live" floating palette
search bar

Come on Graphisoft start making some basic changes that will improve workflow for everyone