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By Millard Brooking
I'm having a new problem that perhaps someone can give me some clues on how to resolve. When I log into Architalk I always go to read posts since last log-in. After reading all of the posts, I always refresh my browser window to make sure that I have not missed any additional posts while reading. This used to clear all of the previously read posts and show them with the icon of no new posts.
Lately, this does not happen, most (not all) still show as new posts, but none have new information in them. This only seems to happen with my laptop and not the machine at work.
I am using Safari 1.2.4 with Apple OS X 10.3.7. Also I have cleared the cache file on the laptop, but this did not help.
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By Dave Jochum
Maybe related(?)--I was just cruising through unread pages (haven't logged in for some time)--some 17 pages worth. All was fine until I hit pg. 14. I got a message that there were no posts that matched my criteria. Clicking 15, 16 and 17 received the same message. I had to go back to the index page and re-click Find Posts Since Last Visit to view the final pages.