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When publishing dxf files I furnish 2 versions.. dxfSheetsHairlines and dxfSheetsFull. Since publisher (in Plotmaker) want store display settings I have to manually change to hairlines and no fills each time, and then back. Maybe a small thing, but doing it over and over is a waste of time. Since AC can do this, why not plotmaker?

I usually have several view sets set up, one for DWG output, one for plotting to Plotter1 and one for Plotter2 in our office. This saves me having to change any settings more than once (I hope).

Why not duplicate your view set (the one on the right hand side), and have one set of drawings using one translator and the other using another?

I do, but I still have to manually turn the display settings to hairline and no fills to generate those types of dwg's. You can save a view set with no fills and hairlines displayed, but as soon as you turn those on, that view set will publish however the display settings are set. I am asking for the view sets to store those settings like they do in AC. (Unless I am missing something?... but I have tried it several ways).

One of the things I miss about plotting is the ability to set fills to bitmap in display options and still plot vector. Now that we print we have to look at vector all the time, since the DOs aren't saved with views.