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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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By tigr
Thanks Laszlo. I pasted the link there, there will be some more coming soon..

Best regards
By MikeS
Here is a timber Kingpost truss for ArchiCAD 9, to accompany the Queenpost truss I posted in this topic some time ago. :D

It may not be perfect, but I've run out of steam in ironing out all the glitches. The (hidden) scripts use arrays and I am not fully conversant with controlling 'VALUE' lists for arrays, so there are likely to be minor anomalies.

The components on either side of the Kingpost are all separately configurable, so an asymmetrical truss can be created, if required.

I avoided a complicated User-interface and have opted for a multitude of stretchy hotspots. The Truss is configured (by the user) in the 3D window.

Please report problems via Private message!
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By James Murray
Shape Tag JM9

A shape with a text block in it. Suitable for revisions, keynotes, whatever. Feel free to modify it into a label, window marker, etc. Let me know if something doesn't work. (Until we get a proper forum, use PM to complain.)

Shape options: square, rectangle, triangle, circle, ellipse, oval, diamond, and hexagon.

The rectangle, oval, and hexagon will elongate to accommodate the text, if the 'Stretch for Text' parameter is on. The square will turn into a rectangle.

The 'Height' parameter refers to the vertical dimension. The 'Length Factor' parameter is multiplied by the height to get the length of the rectangle, ellipse, and oval shapes. If 'Stretch for Text' is on, the length is overridden by the text length.

The text, by default, is the global ID of the object. You can also choose to enter a custom text.

The size of the text can be set by points, millimeters, or as a fraction of the shape height. All these parameters are hooked together, so when you switch among them the actual height stays the same.

There is a value list for the font, and you can enter any font name. (You can also modify the value list for your needs, or hard-code the font.) The text can be shown bold, italic, underlined, or any combination.

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By Djordje
Topics merged ...

The ancient email rule: read first, then post :)

Great stuff, guys!
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By fuzzytnth3
Here is a 2d object to help with detailing. This one has British Gypsum Metal Stud components.
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By fuzzytnth3
Here's another 2d object to help with detailing. This one has British Gypsum Metal Framing components.
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By Z.Bauer
Developed Spiral Object from AC9 Std Lib now has not only circle section, but also elliptical. Resolution for elliptical section is controllable!

Handrail with elliptical section was disscused here: ... &&start=20
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By Olivier Dentan
Original thread discussed here

A tube following an elliptical path.

Parametric, four profiles,
X and Y radii, start & end rotation angles, slope or height, by graphical hotspots.
Additional text for height. AC 8.1 & 9


A tiny modification : for tubea round or ellipse profile, the last mask value (for closing) must be -1, to avoid artefacts in rendering.
This is rectified in the downloadable object.
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