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By andyro
I'd rather see the fills simplified/merged, or at least to have the option for that - it is seldom I need to remove or edit them.....

I believe 'calculate split polygons' is already an option for pmk/2DL export, adding 'merge' polygons (of the same tone) along with 'remove redundant lines, would speed things up, and make smaller simpler files...

In any case, I would not underestimate the need for AIRE to produce fast, 3D line drawings with vector outlines and fills - we use this function A LOT, and at present, AIRE is a real clunker when it comes to getting this kind of output with large files (30-100 MB), it chokes often.....and there are many things we would like it to do that it cannot handle - and exhortations to simplify the model I find vexing - as we already try to model with the least redundancy possible, but ArchiCad needs to be a full-featured product for much more than custom homes these days....wouldn't you agree?

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By Burginger
I agree that there is no place for such redundant edges all over the fill areas, but realizing that it might be a long wait until that is implemented by GS, I am happy with the bitmap fills for now.

Well I need to get back to using the program for a few more weeks, I want to find something else I can complain about. :wink:
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By Burginger
See, that didn't take weeks to find something new to complain about, it just took a few hours.

This time I am having trouble with fill transparency between ArchiCAD and PlotMaker. See Image showing the same drawing as displayed in AC and PM. I like to use the stucco fill to poche' the elevations, and I would like to use a solid fill as a color background. What's up? I can't figure out the way to get the PlotMaker file to look just like the ArchiCAD display.

I give up.
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By Burginger
Once again I find the answer myself,.... only after posting the question for all to see (laugh at).

The answer to full control of the fills can be found in the display options in PlotMasher.

O.K. I can live with that.