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By Adalbert Albu
When will AC and PM accept PDFs?
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By Matthew Lohden
PDF import to PlotMaker is very important. I am pretty sure it is already on the wish list, but there is no harm in bringing it up again. It would be nice to get some Idea of when to expect it. PDF in to ArchiCAD seems less important to me, but perhaps I just haven't run across the need for it yet.
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By stefan
If Plotmaker would accept PDF's it would be a good improvement. I don't think essential, but it might be for what you would want to do.

But you have to ask yourself:

- how does it have to treat multi-page PDF-files?
- will they be "referenced" so you can update/export the PDF's from another application again?
- how about scaling? and fonts?

I don't think it is that easy to do, but it would make PlotMaker a more universal layout tool. But then you would quickly stumble onto the limitations of Plotmaker in navigation, object manipulation and the cumbersome workflow.
By Adalbert Albu
PM will break up an imported pdf book in separate pages- as with print2pict - and one will resize the page in the same way as a jpg