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Attached is a screenshot of the NCS Door & Frame Schedule, where correctly shown are columns for Head, Jamb & Sill/Threshold details. We have existing details for the many opening conditions, which we would like to cross reference / link in the schedule. I stress LINK with automatic updating for error control. It is our preference not to manually track & type in the detail number/sheet reference info. Any comments / thoughts will be appreciated. I'm hoping I'm just not seeing how to accomplish this in the BIM / Virtual Building spirit, and that it's not a pipe dream.

Temp Door Sch.jpg
Sigh. No.

You can paste autotexts into object text parameters, but they become dumb text. Not linked.

Now you've done it. Along with universal cleanup, universal referencing for real already is my top personal wish.

You can use this nasty workaround to get autotext codes in 9. This way you can get (cumbersome) universal referencing for use in text blocks and object text fields. In 9, it works in the IS too, because schedules are objects. In 10 they have made changes to autotext that make this workaround even nastier, which blows my mind.

In 10, to get the bracketed gibberish, you have to save the autotext as an object and then copy it from the script. This raw autotext still works in text blocks and objects, chore that it is, but it doesn't get parsed in schedules. :cry:

The only pseudo-VB way to do it that I can see: Hard-number the jamb details, independent of other drawing numbering. That is, you can have a live link as long as it's actually dead. But it's really not cool when an AC workaround starts messing with the actual sheets.

Otherwise, we can ask the guys who made the schedule. What did you envision going in those fields? Static, manual numbers? Serious question.

The new schedules make universal referencing a must-have issue for 11.
It's not a full solution, but would it not be possible to place an autotext ON TOP of the schedule in layout? It woudn't actually be tied to the specific door, but would at least protect you if you moved the detail.
Gotta ask since it is 5 years later. :shock:

Is there a new solution to this? I was really hoping to link my details to the schedule. Or are we stuck with the manual or the paper space over schedule pseudo automatic options? :roll: