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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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By David Jones
Does anyone have any ideas on the possibility/practicallity of creating a 3d version of various Simpson connectors? Obviously Simpson makes hundreds if not thousands of connectors, but a semi-generic version of a dozen or so of the most commonly used ones would be helpful.

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By Chazz
They may have some 3D things now but in the old days I used their 2d library to "loft and assemble" several common connectors in 3D.
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By Dwight
There's no curves in them - it would be a snap.

If you don't need the holes, it should be simple. Even then - square window openings would stand in fine.

Totally feasible.

Even if you don't know GDL, model with walls and slabs for sheet metal - trim to roof for tilted bits - save as object.

Done by dinner, as long as certain persons don't get wound up in trying to make just one Strong Tie Object that can be parametrically turned into any of them.

That could take some time and would also be counter productive because it makes actually picking a specific tie take longer, but try and explain that to a GDL nut.
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By Chazz
Dwight wrote:Totally feasible....Even if you don't know GDL, model with walls and slabs for sheet metal - trim to roof for tilted bits - save as object.

See, but what I'm saying is that you don't need all that fussiness. The Simpson DWG library (available here) shows every connector from all the required views (top, left & right side, front, back). You just bring them in as lines and magic wand them into slabs, assemble the different views into whole connectors and rotate them into the view you need (probably Plan view). No GDL and no construction, only manipulation.

Tedious, yes. But you can sort of crank through them. Why hasn't someone made a library of this for sale already?
By Yanni
I have the following connectors in 3D:
A34, A35, CS14, CS16, H2.5A, HDQ8, HGUS26-2, HTT16, HTT22, LTP4, LUS26, MSTC28, STHD8, TBE4, U26, PHD6 and some others.

Please contact me for further information.
By aahatimo
are there any simpson gdl libraries available yet?
also any steel beam saddle hangers?