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By Mike Hann
Aussie John wrote:Select the file/app/whatever in finder. Command I (info). Click on the icon then command V (will paste what is in the clipboard into the icon view).

Command X or delete to go back to the default.

I have tried this but have not had success. Does it matter what format the image file is in?
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By Erich
Hi Mike,

It works pretty much like it always has on a Mac. After you select the program and hit command "I" then select the icon for the program in the "Get Info" window, then command "V" to paste in the new image.

The most common error I see is folks don't select the icon image in the window that comes up.
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By Mike Hann
Thanks Erich. I was trying to select the icon in the preview portion of the get info window and apparently you need to "select it" in the header of the get info window.
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By Geoff Briggs
Here's a Mac friendly 128x128 pixel tiff I just made.

Also note that you can change the application name that appears in the dock by simply changing the name of the application in the Finder. Changing the name in the menu bar is slightly more complicated. You need to edit the info.plist file within the application package. Go find the free Pref Setter utility and use it to change the CFBundle Name key. (Save a copy of the unaltered app first.) I now have everything named ArchiCAD 11.
Had to zip this since the forum doesn't like tiffs.
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By Joseph Harouni
Back to New Little Improvements....
I like the new command:

Transparent Fills & Zones

can be found in shortcut Work Environments.
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By TomWaltz
Joseph Harouni wrote:Back to New Little Improvements....
I like the new command:

Transparent Fills & Zones

can be found in shortcut Work Environments.

It's also on the Trace & Reference Palette.
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By Rafal SLEK
Transparent Fills & Zones works only when Trace is activated.
Another simple but useful one - new User Interface for Door Dimension Marker.
Picture 1.png
Dimension marker
Picture 1.png (74.26 KiB) Viewed 9719 times
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By Stress Co.
In Drawing Manger.... the Primary and Secondary sorting order indicators have been improved. You can see them now :shock: and they indicate ascending or descending order (which don't have to match).

Rod Jurich wrote:
RichYoung wrote:I cannot seem to be able to create a section that staggers/ this no longer available in A10?

That's correct Rich. Something that really annoyed the hell. :evil:
After placement you then have to edit!!
Get 11 it is fixed, and allows you to place segmented sect/elev markers directly. :D :D
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By Barry Kelly
The measurement tool now shows the cumulative length and area if you keep clicking as well as the individual segment lengths.
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