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By KeesW

How do you prepare alternative schemes for the same project? Revit has a wonderful system built into its program but ArchiCad makes it seem like hard work.

I've tried the recommended one file approach, creating sub-folders in navigator for design, working draing, alternative proposals, etc. This works well when information is added to a proposal, as, eg. in moving from design to working drawing phases. However, when information is subtracted, or when floors, walls, roofs, or existing floor plans are altered in the course of preparing alternatives, making adjustments that are also reversible, is too complicated. I've tried creating extra layers for, eg alternative roofs, and one could probably achieve it using an infinite number of finely tunes layers. However, by the time this is done, any pretense of using CAD to design intuitively or creatively is lost in the mental preoccupation with putting things on the right layer, ensuring that wall junctions are properly constructed (esp with maintaining priorities) and general management of the CAD drawing process.

As a result, I am creating a new file for each change and I don't even see how one can reasonably keep all phases of the design service within the same file. One can't even have two 'live' versions of a design detail - large or small - on the same model.

My use of ArchiCad, or its understanding, is obviously defective because it seem inconceivable that someone out there has not already devised a solution to such basic requirements. I am listening!
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By Link
A very effective method is to save different teamwork drafts s different design options.

Try this.

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By KeesW
Thanks Link

Isn't that the same as creating a new file for each alternative?
What if one doesn't use teamwork?
How do you develop and present alternatives during the documentation stage? Use non-live plans and views is one way - got any better ones?
By Chris B
The manual (I'm still a new user trying to absorb the manual...) seemed to indicate that the markup function could be used this way - each entry representing an option. I found this worked - sort of - with a few problems and a few things I wish were different -

1. Biggest problem - doors and windows don't become part of the mark-up. When I try to place them, I get an error sound and the door/window is placed in the plan, but not as part of the mark-up. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong, but what??

2. Some entries auto-update when I turn them on and off and with others I have to double click the viewpoint to get it to update. This may also be something I'm doing wrong, but I'm not sure what yet.

Any ideas what's going wrong?

Things that could be different:
1. Walls intersect with other mark up entries - I can solve this with layers but that would be cumbersome (separate wall layer for each option) - it would be perfect if AC only cleaned up visible walls - ie. the non-mark-up walls and only those mark-up entries that are set to visible.

2. All objects in an entry are set to one pen - would be nice if there was an option to retain original pens for printing options to show clients.

These two (simple??) changes would expand the function of mark-up significantly for those of us who need to create and present multiple plan options within a single shell.