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By Ignacio
stefan wrote:Switching, though, is not the best option.

I agree, the relative advantages and disadvantages at this point can be a factor for the users switching from flatcad and ADT, who are the big battle, and not for current users of Revit and ArchiCAD for whom it only makes sense to stick to their guns.

For the next 2-3 years (2 releases) it is hard to imagine one of the porgrams taking a huge leap forward and the other one staying frozen where it is, meaning any imaginable relative advantage will probably not be enough to justify the cost of switching. And who knows what the future will look like in 3 years.

So the good thing about the current situation is that one doesn't need to worry about switching for a while.
By Joseph Harouni
~/archiben wrote: ........that the revit engine is far superior....~/archiben

Again the question is not on features of each program, AC vs. Revit (I love AC's approach). I am talking about "that the revit engine is far superior". If that is the reality and GS is not taking steps to make the core, SUPERIOR I am afraid the future is not so bright. I think that may give a reason to look to the other side, which seems greener!
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By Thomas Holm
~/archiben wrote:
Scott Davis wrote:Similar in some ways, maybe. But a copy? Not even close.

scott - having read through both the revit 9 and the archicad 10 new features guide it seems quite apparent that both have concentrated this release on consolidating many of each others smaller, simple or easy to implement features. that's not to say each haven't got their own 'look-ma-no-hands' selling point, or that there is any blatant copying happening, but i do understand what samsung is saying . . .

that being said, it's also quite apparent that the engines that run both applications are markedly different. as an archicad user i have a gut feeling that the revit engine is far superior. whilst the revit feature set may be lacking in some areas at present (my opinion), and the '9' release didn't really have the flash-bang that previous releases have had, i believe that it will be able to accommodate much more future development than archicad's underlying technologies currently can.

I just want to stress the fact that some of the "smaller, easy to implement features" in AC10 like for example the tracker and new selection options have been made possible only by a substantial re-write of the underlying engine in Archicad. And if you look for it, you'll find traces of this all over the program. There is no question we will se more results of this in later releases, as the development goes on, but an example is that without it the upcoming Macintel release would probably come after Adobe and Microsoft instead of the year before.
By Joseph Harouni
Thomas Holm wrote:......have been made possible only by a substantial re-write of the underlying engine in Archicad.........

Ah that makes me feel a little better :)
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By Dwight
Big Jo wrote: And who knows what the future will look like in 3 years.

So be sure to archive everything in DXF.
By samsung
Dwight wrote:
So be sure to archive everything in DXF.

or in one file dxf or dwg....maybe IFC or such like thing...
I have same idea like Thomas.

To change CAAD is not easy for is something like friendship.
I still expect some more development with LightWorks.
The site of Lightworks is terrible, no information for AC or almost nothing.

This year AC 10.1
This would be excellant....isnt it?
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By Dwight
Sorry, that was a joke.

In my cynical mind, all of this fancy BIM talk will collapse because the general architectural intellect can't cope with it - just look at that guy across the room who has trouble remembering how to draw a line in ArchiCAD (and is always asking you - to do his work).

When the BIM stuff does collapse, we will return to the most rudimentary of drafting conventions.

By samsung
But very hopfull joke
I hope, in the future just one file.
File-exchange is still very tired work (always with DWG)
Many companies choose AutoCAD because of file-exchange.

Anyway, l am not a friend of many Add-ons. CAD for Architects must be simple.
I am looking forward to testing AC10 from myself.
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By Chazz
stefan wrote:But ArchiCAD and Revit are about the same quality level. To me, these two programs are clearly the top of the crowd. I don't want to pick any of them to be the best....

Thing is, if you are just getting into the BIM game, then picking the best is not the point. The only consideration that matters is "who has the momentum?". On that score the obvious answer is Revit/autodesk.

All this talk of "they'll get it right with version 11" is a very bad sign. If a company cannot deliver a core feature successfully on release (or at least by version XX.1) that does not instill much confidence. Hence whining (or constructive critique) about interior elevations, grid lines, auto dimensions, SEO control, radius profiles, etc, etc.

For the rest of us the question is not if we switch, but when.
By samsung
Chazz wrote:
For the rest of us the question is not if we switch, but when.

Did you make bad experiance with AC?
I have personally nice time with AC, during others had to fight with AutoCAD.

I know now, there was already Revit.
Autodesk has bought this one!!

Anyway l must use first AC10.

And to GS:
please many goodies to download first of all many 2D plan grafik.
It is just some service but,
It makes AC more attraktive.
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