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By Alex Schamenek
This topic: Copying a layout and unlinking the views of the copy leads to this wish.

First an explanation.

An "instance" is a copy whose changes affect other instances or the original. Example: Currently when you copy a layout and make changes to the copy the original gets changed too. When you change the original the copy gets changed. Right now Plotmaker instances a layout when you ask for it to copy a layout.

The wish is to have this optional. Sometimes the instance is useful. Othertimes it is not. Please Graphisoft, allow us to have a choice when we copy/paste (or drag a copy/instance) a layout as to whether the copy becomes an instance or a copy. It should also be possible to convert an existing instance to a copy. If in doubt, make it a COPY not INSTANCE.
Perhaps the solution would be to distinguish between frames (the actual place where drawings are displayed in each layout) and the linked drawings. Multiple frames could refer to the same link if desired and copied frames could be redirected to different linked drawings.