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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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By tsturm
I have received a PLT from an engineer. I need to make a change to the file. PM will import HPGL/2 files. PM 3.1v1 1410 is giving me an error messege and then stopping the import.

Anyone else able to import a HPGL/2 file? I know this has been possible in the past as I have done it. But the file sent to me is not working. Could there be something the sender did to the file that is messing it up for me? What should I tell them to do? They are using a OCE as their printer. They do not seem to have a HP 800 driver to create a PLT for me.

Any suggestions?
PLTs are not always HPGL (there are some other formats like CALS etc.). Check with your consultant to make sure they are sending HPGL.

Why aren't you using DWG?
Often our consultants files when sent by DWG are lost in line weights, line types and text.

So to speed up our review. I asked them to send PLTs. As it turns out, they bumbled up in making the PLTs and I was unable to plot them out without some hassle. I had to change from our normal 24" paper to 36" wide.

Besides these issues, I have been able to open HPGL files into Plotmaker in the past as a measure of what was drawn and to make some minor changes of the content before making a final bid set. Some how this option did not work with the HPGL files I got from the engineer today. The engineer's office has an Oce. It seems they made a PLT file from this driver. Not sure why this would give PM a problem opening the file. So to check it out the differences in the HPGL code I made a PLT from a PM file. I did notice a difference in the code. Though I have no idea why the difference is there other than the obvious, two very different drawings as the source. But beyond that the starting code was different.

So has anyone out there asked that their consultants send to their office PLTs for them to plot out and review when the time is just too short for repro houses and couriers to make the delivery?

And why does PM not read my HPGL file?
PlotMaker can open 'pure' HPGL files, but some plotter drivers attach a header to the PLT file that contains controls specific to the device. PlotMaker cannot open such files.
You could ask for a file written by a different driver, or you could edit the code - if you remove the header, the file will probably open (given it's a HPGL file, of course). In case of an OCE, the header could be something like beginmf......endmf. The 'real code' usually starts with an escape character.

By tsturm

After I found exactly which part of the HPGL code the Header was, your beginmf to endmf really helped, I was able to get PM to treat the new PLT as real HPGL and import the file. I am now able to plot the graphics out completely.

But there is an error message that comes up during the import process. Right at the very end. It says QT, PT, ML and such . When you hit the OK button the drawing comes up and you can place it. It plots fine as well.

What is going on and can anything be done to correct it?
Those must be non-HPGL commands again, which PlotMaker doesn't understand. Should not matter though. They are probably something like "cut the paper when finished drawing" and similar commands for the plotter, but not related to the content of the drawing.
So, just hit OK.

Sorry to say, but PDF files do not print on HP DJ 800 easily on Mac network. That is why I asked for PLT files. I wish we had thev HP DJ 800PS