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By LukasB
This has probably been mentioned before...
I really dislike having to select the arrow button and then selecting partial or entire elements''s a waste of clicks
Doesn't shift+click work for you? It's much better than arrow-tool though you could choose what (first) object it should select if you have slabs, walls etc. at the same point.
shift and click works good(i use it continuously) to activate temporarily the arrow key but I cannot select between partial element selection or entire element selection
and shift + space activates the magnet selection which is something different and doesn't help if you want to select more than one element quickly
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Lukas, you should have explained your wish for those forum users, who have never worked in AutoCAD and do not have an idea what you are wishing!

So, I will try to do it:

In AutoCAD Arrow Tool Selection Methods are activated automatically by the direction of movement of the mouse - Entire Elements Selection Mode is activated by moving mouse from left to right, and the Partial Elements Selection Mode by moving it from right to left. As easy as that!

Compared to this way of selection the AC way is horrible! :(
I see a lot of people have voted Not needed?!? :shock:

This is the way AutoCAd users react when I tell them an architectural CAD application should have Stories and Walls!

You should not judge something you have never seen!
Rob, it should remain the same for users who do not want to use it. It just needs a check box in Work Environment.

But I am sure you would use it once you have tryed it! It is really a nice feature!
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By Rob
kliment, do not get me wrong but AC settings are getting complicated too much I am not sure about all those options, buttons and switches... then all that confusion if someone in the office discovered a different option...problems and problems to keep it uniform... it's not worth it.
This is not about complicating things in Archicad but making things easier and quicker for the user. I think that adding such a shortcut wouldn't make your life more complicated. That's why it's called a shortcut.
I have never used Autocad but I know about the selection method and I find it very useful.