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By ozbencetin
Is there a way to copy and paste dimensions to multiple floors, in AC10 besides the static option?

I need the relative dimensions and should be associated with the floor plan.
Anybody have a easier way to do this for coordinate and regular dimensions?

thanks in advance
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By Laura Yanoviak
Short answer: no.

You could place hotspots at the points where you need to dimension on multiple floors, associate the dimensions to the hotspots, then copy the hotspots and the dimensions to each floor (the dimension strings will remain dynamic, but infact associated to the hotspots, not the floor plan).

See this related link -- I don't recall if I ever got around to posting a wish list item.
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By Link
Since they are associative dimensions, you'd need to copy the elements they are associated to as well. Typically these are the walls, columns, slabs, etc. Or as a workaround you could use hotspots as per Laura's suggestion.

This is not much better than using static dimesnions IMHO, as it is a little messy. It would be better to ghost the story with dimensions and place new ones in the same position.

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By Dave Thomas
This has bugged me too. Wouldn't adding to dimensions the "show all stories, oneup, etc" selection box that other some other objects have do the trick?
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By Karl Ottenstein
As with so many things, there is a workaround which keeps things associative to at least one story. It requires that you have a new layer for the dimensions that are to appear on multiple stories. (If you have some dimensions for structural plans and others for architectural, of course, you need more than one new layer...)

Place those 'common' dimensions in the new layer and create a combo and view that displays only those dimensions.

When you place a floor plan on a layout, you'll also place this common dimension view exactly on top of it. As in all versions of ArchiCAD, the alignment of multiple drawings is accomplished via a common hotspot. Place a hotspot somewhere reasonable in the plan on the ArchiCAD layer so that it is always visible (they do not print). Use this on the layout to snap the two drawings on top of each other.

The placement is a one time thing of course, and can even be in your template for future projects. The common dimensions are associative to the floor that they were placed on. The only error/omission concern now is if the dimensioned elements are no longer common...for example an upper story becomes cantilevered. This is still better than the static or hotspot oriented solution which requires editing, stretching, or re-pasting, I think?

One possible workaround anyway...

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By Laura Yanoviak
Great idea, Karl! I'm just now coming to realize many of the benefits of "stacked views", and will add this one to the list.
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By Scott Bulmer

Your idea of stacking/overlapping drawings on layout sheets should really be considered a standard practice and not necessarily a 'work-around.' It is kind of an additional layering system to augment the actual layering combinations used in defining views.

Thank you so much for all your great ideas.