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By Chazz
Initial tests of AC 11 1086 on a MacBook Pro appear good.
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By Karl Ottenstein
owen wrote:Assuming GS has had access (as a major Developer) to all the betas including the final Pre-release version .. if no major bugs have been unresolved at this stage then its probable the Final Release will be fine..
That's what one would think... but apparently Abvent had access to all of the betas, and Artlantis 1.2.6 worked fine on them, but will not work on the released Leopard. :-(

Good to hear from others here that 11 does work!

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By Ralph Wessel
46cruisair wrote:Can anyone from G_soft say anything assuring about AC11 working under the about-to-be-released Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?
So far everything seems fine. Easy installation, no hiccups, only one application is misbehaving. Leopard seems like an excellent release at this stage.
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By Chris Stringer
Karl Ottenstein wrote:
owen wrote:apparently Abvent had access to all of the betas, and Artlantis 1.2.6 worked fine on them, but will not work on the released Leopard. :-(
Abvent released an Artlantis "Leopard" patch yesterday:
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By Stress Co.
Humm... I just got this from my reseller:
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By tdeschaumes
For me Archicad 11(1086) is not compatible with Leopard.
I have many problems with dwg files.
A new dialog appear when I try to attach an xref (sea attached file).
I hope that graphisoft will correct these problems quickly, while, I return to v10.4 !
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By Ralph Wessel
Stress Co. wrote:Humm... I just got this from my reseller:
I think it's generally for the best to exercise some caution. There may be no problems, but why rush? Let someone else check for you.

I've committed a couple machines to Leopard for testing ahead of other users, but for many there is no need to move so quickly. I'm enjoying the Leopard experience so far :D
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By owen
Since i upgraded to OSX 10.5 there seems to be a bug with the Cinema4D ArchiCAD Exchange add-on - both AC10 & 11 no longer recognize the ArchiCAD.bundle as an Add-On.

Reported to both GS & Maxon.

Anyone else run into this yet?
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By ejrolon
Mine is working fine, though I upgraded to Leopard and the exchange plugin was working on 10.4 without problems.

Try to redownload the file if I remember correctly the last time I saw this was because the download had become corrupted.
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