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When importing Quickview views into Plotmaker from a PLN it seems to bring the images from the 3D window as JPEG's.

I would like to be able to choose how Plotmaker reads these views from the PLN, ie TIFF, JPG or vector based.

So, if I want the views as line work I have to save from ArchiCAD as old skool PMK's? That kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?

If anyone know's an other way to get around this, please let me know. Otherwise it's a wish :)

OK, I thought I might have found out a way to fix it. But it didn't work.

When in the 3D window in ArchiCAD and put a marquee around the image and do a copy, I thought these settings might be the settings that Plotmaker reads, but alas NO!

A suggestion might be in ArchiCAD when creating a Quickview view to save the view as a Scale Drawing, or Drawing or ScreenShot - perhaps.

Or it could be a setting on Import. Though I think the former makes more sense.

Do other people find this annoying at all?