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Barry Kelly wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:16 am
This doesn't really add to a group - this creates a new group with the original group and the new selection.
When you un-group you will still have the original group there.
True. I was just getting at a quick way to add to it. But you're right, it's not an entirely clean operation.
Barry Kelly wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:16 am
They technically are nested groups - you can have groups within groups.
The problem is we can't select the individual groups - they are either all enabled and act as one group or they are all disabled and act as individual elements.
Only by un-grouping nested groups can you select the individual groups that made it up.
Yes, I meant for more of a feature than it is, and not having to ungroup it to get to the subgroups. That is my wish is to be able to edit them (move or delete or modify) as subgroups. Sort of the way Illustrator has folders and subfolders of its components on layers, which sort of acts as a grouping in that you can select the folder or subfolder and the elements are selected in the workspace. It'd be nice to have a third option to suspend master groups only, but still have the subgroups act as a group.

Does that make sense? I feel like I'm going down a rabbit hole, haha!

I sort of remember this coming up at our reseller meetings in our discussions with the developers for a few years in a row in the '90s. It was never implemented, but the selection sets feature was added as a feature and I believe they decided that was their solution.
Wow, an 11 year old topic brought back to life. :-)

The old method of doing this works just fine - without changing any hierarchy of grouping. It is based on the fact that if you ungroup (opt-cmd-G), the group elements will remain selected. Then, simply shift-click the new element and press cmd-G to group everything. Voila.

Had there been any hierarchical grouping, it would be preserved... the ungroup command only ungroups the last group. Now, if the wish was to add an element to a deeply nested group... then that is not only nearly also have no way of knowing the hierarchy until you ungroup everything.

(Windows alt-ctrl-G / ctrl-G)