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By Hobbesnb
Does anyone know where the Built in Story Marker object is located in the AC library (V.11)?

I'd like to make the story markers reference a Reference Level (sea level for example), rather than the project zero. There is currently no option to do this.
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By Link
I am not sure where it is, but I wish you the best of luck. I also hope you wouldn't mind posting back and uoploading your object to the depository once it's done.

It amazes me that GS hasn't included this simple option in the built-in story marker. I have asked for it before and am still campaigning for it!

Good luck!

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By Rod Jurich
Hobbesnb wrote:Does anyone know where the Built in Story Marker object is located in the AC library (V.11)?/..

First you have to add to your WE a menu item - "Open Object by Subtype".

Then you can select to open as such and edit the marker you choose.
You will not be able to overwrite the default, you will have to save as, with new name.

When setting the default maker to use, you will find an odd thing happening.

If you wish to change markers, you first have to select " No maker "
then select the marker of choice in order to have your default parameters
selected as set when you save the marker.

Clear as mud :wink:
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By TracyGA
If you haven't found an answer to this yet, I just figured something out as I too have been trying to do this for years. In my Reference Levels, I made an "Elevation 100" which I set to the 0 point. Then I could change my Project Zero to 100. Once you've done this, you can set your elevation and section markers to reference the Elevation 100 level instead of Project Zero and then they will correctly notate your elevations in relation to 100 rather than 0.