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I cant find if this was already mentioned. Let me try to explain this.
When you put something like gdl, 2d simbol, line or something else, on floor plan you need to move it on a particular place.

Process would go like this:
1. select element x
2. select tool
3. click on near by element y (line, wall, gdl, ...)
4. enter distance
Result: selected element x is moved by desired distance folowing xyz axis

This way maneuvering would be much more easier, even in 3d window.
Does this make any sence to you.
This method is in ArchiCAD. You should read Help. Look the head in which it is told about input of co-ordinates. It is possible to apply addition and subtraction.
GIF-animation showing the method of addition and subtraction
Nikola Dobrikavic wrote:Can you be more specific about subject. I cannot find that in help.
My Halp in Russian. :)
Look "ArchiCAD 11 Reference Guide.pdf" (p. 84-89).

Another GIF-animation.
1. Drag X object to Y object.
2. Input: the distance, the sign "-", Enter

PS I have not yet voted.
Someone voted "Not needed". Not needed what? Existing methods? Or to improve it?
1. Drag X object to Y object.
2. Input: the distance, the sign "-", Enter
Great use of animations Valery, but it doesn't show what keys you are actually hitting, so here is further explanation.

When positioning your object (or anything else for that matter) place your cursor over your reference point, (do not click) then type X distance + then hit enter and object will be placed to the right of your reference point. X distance - will go to the left. Use Y distance + to place object above or Y distance - to place below reference point. You can also use combinations, for example X 500 + Y 300 - ENTER will place your object 500mm to the right and 300mm below your reference point.

In Valery's second example he is using Y 700 - ENTER

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the tip. I should practice this because it's a lot of searching on a keyboard for now. I thought it will be more simple and faster.
Lets say, when I want something to move I use Ctrl+D, Ctrl+R and enter the distance. 4.steps including enter at the end. No need for X, Y command. This is 5 but faster then I used to drag things to referent element and back.
Here's another way that you may find faster.
1. Select object and just drag (no need for Ctrl-D) to point where you want to measure from.
2. Wait for guidelines to appear. Then move User Origin to this point. (Alt-shift or other shortcut.)
3. Continue dragging object on guideline in direction you want to go and just type distance. (Tracker should pop up). Done!
I rarely use Ctrl-D, R, X, Y. Even tentatively not select the object. I grab and drag. Therefore, I only enter value, then: "-" or "+", then: Enter.

PS. You noticed, in the first animation, as I put the dimension at a certain distance from the object?
Use the same method. :D
In Revit there following method:
1. Select the object (You will see a temporary size from the selected object to the nearest object. As a rule, to the wall).
2. Change the value of the temporary size (Object moved).

If such a method will be in ArchiCAD, but more clever than in Revit, then I agree.
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Yes this is better but I cannot just type distance. I need to enter xy or r to enter coordinates or I'm missing something again. :(

Valery W you have made gif animation but I don't see anything moving, but smile is also gif like this :roll: and he is moving.