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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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By vfrontiers
I get this error while trying to sign in for the first time into a file that has 2 others already signed in. This error shows 3 times, then another error dialog displays....

"This name is in use by a locked document select another folder or use a different name"

Then the file quits.

1.The NAME I use to sign in does not matter.

2. Happens on several machines.

3. The file is an OPEN member type.

Any help?
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By vfrontiers

I'll check into it tomorrow.

It has been somewhat of a struggle trying to integrate MACS into our PC office. We've now decided to use our PowerMAC as a Fileserver and I can't seem to get the new folders created to take on the permissions of their parent (automatically).

I believe I have checked this, but maybe you're on to something here. Although... I am signed in (as ME) on my machine, but trying to sign in as another person, I even get the same message.

Not fun when deadlines loom (of course, when don't they!)
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By vfrontiers
Not sure if I really found out what CAUSED it, but I did solve the issue! We bought all macs for the office and installed a MAC Server.. w/ server software. Setting permissions is better with the server software, which I suspect was the crux of the problems...