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By vfrontiers
I wish the Roof Pivot direction could be obtained and used in GDL. I currently have a LABEL that reads the roof slope and displays and pitch arrow, but there is no parameter to tell it to rotate to be perpendicular the pivot line.

I don't expect many votes here, but would be handy. (I'd actually give the object away if GS could update the GDL spec)
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By TomWaltz
You're right, that is an annoying limitation. I wrote a label to pick up slope, but it still has to be rotated to face the right way.
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By Erika Epstein
I have one that is a roof accessory that automatically aligns with the slope. I got it here on architalk several years ago.
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By vfrontiers
Erika Epstein wrote:I have one that is a roof accessory that automatically aligns with the slope. I got it here on architalk several years ago.

Right technology; not so good looking part. I am working to upgrade the graphics and add some features... I'll try and post back here.

Thanks Erika!

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By Erika Epstein
Looking forward to the new and improved version!
Thanks Duane
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By RandyC
Bringing this old thread back , I have made a label that changes between plan view and elevation view - gives roof pitch in degrees & slope etc.

Uses Arrow in plan to mark direction of slope and no arrow in elevation view

I made a "flip" parameter in Elevation because I cannot find a way to sense
the direction of the roof has anyone ever discovered a way ?
label attatched.
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By Aaron Bourgoin
Thanks Randy!

I hadn't gone looking for roof anatomy after discovering that roof element edges were given proper names and that these names were definable. ... arameters/

proper roof nomenclature is essential for use with tools like Cadimage coverings.
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By RandyC
Thanks Aaron - I checked out all of the shellbase_ commands
but none of them give direction or angle so cannot figure how they can help.
By Rogerdodge
Thanks Randy, that symbol is great but could you make it work for us metric users please.
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By RandyC
there is a switch that allows it to display degrees instead of slope , did you have another way that you want it displayed ? Not sure what you do in your country.

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