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TomWaltz wrote:It's grammatically correct to say "he or she". Since you are only referring to one person, "they" is incorrect.

A lot of people use "they" because it's less speaking/writing.

Thanks Tom, that clears it up.
I have seen "he or she" or even "s/he" or something like that in writing, but heard "they" many times in spoken English. Actually, I never quite understood before why they always switch from "he" to "they" in the middle of a sentence.
But if I correctly recall my university years, the official Oxford British English we were taught was always "he or she".

Thanks again guys for the English lesson, I am always eager to learn.
hello everyone,

i know this is a rather old threat, but still it is the closest that i have found relating to my tip & question...

on mac's you can actually create an 'alias' to a template file on a central server in:

~/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD Templates

resulting in the template loaded in AC's startup dialogue.

obviously this extremely handy in terms of template management, thus i am wondering why is this seemingly (from the posts above and our own tests) not possible on windows systems?