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By nevermore219

I just started using ArchiCAD a week ago. I am about to make railing for the balcony area, and realized I don't have the railing icon on the tool bar, which is supposed to be right after stair icon on tool bar. Does anyone know how I can get the railing icon, please?
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By Karl Ottenstein
nevermore219 wrote:Does anyone know how I can get the railing icon, please?

Is this like a Friday afternoon joke? There is no railing tool.... maybe you could tell us what you are looking at that let you think that there might be one?

Or, are you talking about something inside of Stairmaker?

By nevermore219
well, as I said I am a new user for archicad. I don't know how to make railing in archicad so that I googled it and found a tutorial video on aol site. look the reference image that i captured from the tutorial video. it does have railing tool. i still want to know how to make railing in archicad.
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By Peter Clark
They are using using Stairbuilder - an add-on from Cadimage.

The website mentions it has a separate railing tool, so looks like it appears in the toolbox when installed.

It's mentioned in movie no. 2.

(Looks good by the way)
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By Peter Clark
You can place a railing using the object tool.

There are several under 'Building Structures' - 'Fences and Railings' (or your localised equivalent)

Hope that helps!
By kombibob
you can also use trussmaker (in my setup located at Design>Design Extras>Trussmaker) to create relatively complex balustrade configurations (although in seperate sections, that is, each one limited to a single direction/plane) as illustraded here: ... TrussMaker
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By Laura Yanoviak
If your on AC12, you can also use the Curtain Wall Tool (although I have not tried this personally).
By Stephen Dolbee
I think a railing tool is a great idea-it could be a tremendous time saver, esp. if it allowed custom rails.