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Label, Text, Dimension, Markers...

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chinosch wrote:hi there...i'm new here...i think is not a bad idea to have dimensioning available in layout view...i used to work in autocad in a very big company, and they were setting all graphic stuff in paper space(dimensions, texts, arrows etc)...with scale sensitive if u change the scale of the "window" the dimension would adjust automatically...therefore the drawing was kept pristine...also, by doing so, you just need to set one size for everything, instead of changing the sizes every time you start working on a different scale...

PS: marker size of dimensions only go down to 0.5? while the text can go down to 0.1? why is this...any option u know?

You need to read the rest of this thread to see why this is a bad idea, and learn about how ArchiCAD by default scales text in a way that it appears at the same output point size regardless of the drawing scale... (but you can make it follow model units too)... You really want to avoid doing much of anything on the layout other than placing drawings and images. Everything else belongs in model views or workspaces.