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By Raytoo
(I don't have time to argue with ArchiCADWiki...)

I'll share my experience with a hard-to-track down "ArchiCAD problem".
This was in a Windows server environment.
The client has its printers installed from the print server.
If all of the above applies to you, try the solution near the end of this article.

Background: After updating the printer drivers on the server, Windows is supposed to update the drivers on the client when the client requests use of the printer again. This feature may not be trusted.

After the update of the printer drivers on the server, ArchiCAD 10 and 11 (both tested) always crash right before the window title changes to "for Teamwork" (verified afterwards). I had already tried renaming the existing registry entries, renaming the appdata folders [both to force ArchiCAD to create its default settings], then attempted a repair and reinstall; no change in behaviour.


Force Windows clients to update the drivers.

Close all applications.
Delete the locally installed printers from the client. (You may get away with skipping the deletion of these drivers.)
Re-add the printers from the server again.
This will force an update at that time.

Start ArchiCAD again and verify whether it works.
Use information at own risk.