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By dinnye
[Moderator note: for some reason the message associated with this post simply said 'banned'. I opened the attached zip file and it seems to contain an XML description of the GDL language for Notepad++ which can be downloaded here:

This is a Windows-only program.

I haven't taken the time to try it out myself yet though. Obviously, one would have to paste their GDL into Notepad++ to see the highlighting, but this could still be a great help in tracking down problems. Perhaps the original poster would post a screenshot of some color-coded text. --Karl]
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By Erich
Now, if we could only get this with the internal GDL scripting environment...
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By vistasp
Must give this a try. Thank you dinnye. :)
Erich wrote:Now, if we could only get this with the internal GDL scripting environment...
I'm sure it's not that difficult to implement syntax highlighting and line-numbering.

GS, if you can't give us a sophisticated tool to work with GDL, can we at least have something as basic as this? :?
For Imperial users (USA, etc), the syntax highlighting is a little tougher - whether in Notepad++ or in XCode - because constants can be entered in the GDL editor using feet and inches (and often are for US parts), which are the same symbols used for delimiting text strings.

The simple logic of the syntax highlighting in Notepad++ and XCode will highlight delimited strings such as "hello" and 'hello' - but will fail when it encounters Imperial constants such as in
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x=5' : y=10'
which has to be handled as a very special case. In the second example, a standard highlighter will treat ' : y=10' as a text string for highlighting purposes.

So, for both convenience - and for best color-coding including Imperial - the color coding should be offered via the GDL editor itself. ;-)

Erich wrote:Now, if we could only get this with the internal GDL scripting environment...
Sorry to cold your enthusiasm, I don't think this will happen.

GS answer is XML Editor, and believe me, I am not satisfied at all with that.
Since 20 years, if they didn't wrote such an environment, it is clear that they won't.
You can shout or cry, it leads nowhere.

Some users may remember of "Black Turtle"/(White Rabbit), and other attempts (3DNF scripter).
Not perfect, but pleasant. They worked both for Mac and Windows.

XML is hudge. This is not the correct answer.