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By NandoMogollon
Hi all

I wanted to create a Schedule for Labels, so we can have a set of Favorites labels, and keep those up to date without having to make the changes manually on each and every label.

Am i clear? i just want a schedule that lists the favorite labels, and change the content from there if it's necessary...

I think it should be possible since the schedules are a "small window" to the data base...

Any ideas or work-arounds to achieve the same thing??


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By LaszloNagy
Label is not an Element type that can be selected to be scheduled so I do not think this is possible.
See, Labels are annotation elements and only construction elements can be listed using Interactive Schedule. Actually, Fills are kind of an exception as they are 2D drawing elements but still can be listed.
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By vfrontiers
Once again... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us schedule labels! It will be a huge help...

...been asking for many years!

It won't hurt, I promise!
By Jocelyn
vfrontiers wrote:Once again... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us schedule labels! It will be a huge help...

Ditto that... and also, can we schedule schedulable things from the plan AND the elevation? Please?
By strom
I'm not sure if GS understands the significance of how useful it would be to schedule a label. We have issues on the labour involved in producing tailored legends to each project as we do large commercial projects that involve many different types/combinations of finishes and material types. The ideal workflow that we think labels or some other tool could be reworked by GS to enable us to do is the following.

Favorite LABELS for each typical code we have without relying on building materials to nominate the wall finish - consider labels do not always nominate the finish of a wall but perhaps what the walls structure is

enable SCHEDULE conditions then detect the LABEL code has appeared in a plan, elevation, section

SCHEDULE as normal is used to create a Legend (ubiquitously used in documentation) to explain what the code represents.

This allows the following

- Legends from previous projects are not being used. I have walked on site to find one description in the specification and another different one in the drawings. The wrong one is always installed! stop the Variations!
- Legend only shows the codes that have been used in the project - to stop wasting the contractor time looking for a code that is not there.
- Less building variations as the intent of the code is not replicated between teams in a practice but has a tried and true description across many projects.
- Less spelling mistakes when typing Legend notes as they are set as favorites in the template - spelling in projects is a huge issue in documentation
- Codes do not show in a Legend if they are not being used in the project therefore no RFI's about codes a builder cannot find - dent waste the builders time
- More consistent description of Codes across multiple projects
- Flexibility to set up building materials extensively through multiple projects
- Generic code descriptions instead of specific descriptions ability or Specific if you want them to be
- Quick 2 click process to define every! element within a construction project
- Increased ability to export out to Excel to form the basis of completion of a more specific finishes, sanitary, fittings schedules that we do in Word/Excel. What! your kidding ArchiCAD can do this WOW I'm buying it right now!!!
- Easy duplication for creation of additional generic codes in Favorites
- Ability to establish the favorite labels in the Template Project File

We believe that ArchiCAD could allow practices using code based documentation (numerous amongst their users) immediate and greater annotation startup flexibility between Element Labelling to a simpler and way more flexible alternative of generic labelling for everything.

Schedule Conditions would need to include the ability to exclude multiple entries of the same code as mostly you only need to see it once in a Legend/Schedule

For example

BRK-1 should obviously only appear once (even if multiple LABELS of BRK-1 show in the documentation) or alternatively there is a tiered condition for the Suffix in this case the number component to be a # if there are multiple brick types. ie. BRK-# instead of BRK-1 and BRK-2 in the legend.

Alternatively you may want a description for both brick types in the legend

Format alternatives we would like to be able to accomplish is this

LEGEND option 1

BLK-1 Block Wall Type 1 - Refer to S. Eng's Dwg's
BRK-1 Brick Wall Type 1
BRK-2 Brick Wall Type 2


LEGEND option 2

BLK-# Block Wall Type - Refer to S. Eng's Dwg's
BRK-# Brick Wall Type

The above would give ArchiCAD a vast improvement in its documentation functionality without extensive and complex set up of Building Materials Composites and Surfaces. You shouldn't have to make sure all your surfaces are defined etc. Who has time to do all that. I suspect many practices do not have the profit margin for this.

This would simplify entry into the automative nature of the software for entry level users. A lot of the times designers don't know what the finish is and don't want to create a new composite wall that is the same as another composite wall which only has a different paint colour on it.

GS please listen and read the above there are sales reasons for listening to this it would save our practice a LOT of time and need for Project Leader checking of team members documentation if implemented.

Please see the value in the above and consider it's functionality. Do you have to force a user to create a different composite and building material and surface just to change something like a paint colour? Or force someone to choose the type of LABEL they have to use on any given element in the project? Keep it simple and your user base can grow...........

Surely this type of format could have been accomplish quite simply some time ago! Additionally if thought out can it be linked to Surfaces etc. Or maybe in a legend tool a custom or surfaces checkbox can be installed so it does work the way GS might want it too and still be flexible enough....

BIM is great but ultimate flexibility to achieve the same aim is better.

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By LaszloNagy
I think this would be great but in form of a new Legend Tool. This Legend Tool could generate those Legends (any kind of Legend an architect may need) AND place it in any Viewpoint. The main problem with Schedules is that they cannot be placed into Viewpoints, only on Layouts as Drawings.
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By Aaron Bourgoin
Lazlo! Make a Wish for this.
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By Aaron Bourgoin
I won't trade your legend wish for my Japan Shadow Tool wish, but I did think about it.

33 votes there. That's pretty stupendous.
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By LaszloNagy
I think I will make a wish but I have to do some data collection of all the various cases where Legends would be useful.
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By Aaron Bourgoin
it's too bad the "Wish" format on this forum wasn't more robust and less ad hoc.

A wish might get posted and added to - constructively by the other users. it shouldn't have to fall to one member of the community - or a moderator for that matter - to assemble the list to move it forward for consideration.

This forum is great, but it's OS needs an overhaul.