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By Rick Thompson
This is an old wish, but still sorely needed. Any time roofs join you end up with a solid line on other stories. We need that fixed. It is not acceptable to have solid lines pretending to be dashed. Dashed mean above or below. Solid means something else entirely.
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By Erich

I agree this is quite important for professional appearing documentation.

There is also a similar issue with dashed polylines (sorry for the AutoCad term) and rectangles where the dashes do not join properly at the corners.

Archicad needs improvement in this area badly. I hope Graphisoft responds to this wish soon.
By TurboGlider
kliment wrote:Yes, let's vote again! Hope we'll be heard this time!
I still draw roof outlines with lines because of this. :(
Me too, roofs are only there when I make my elevations and 3d views.
By Shingleback
absolutely essential, i convinced my entire office to go archicad now i look like a jack-ass everytime my boss asks me to change this, and you're spot on this NEEDS to be resolved in order to maintain a professional drawing,

an essential change needed asap
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By Karl Ottenstein
I believe this is not a roof problem, but just another case of the even longer wished-for issue of ArchiCAD not displaying dashed (or any non-solid linetype) in a sensible way - so that two dashed lines on top of each other can result in a solid line.

Trying to reproduce this just now, I only had one valley that showed as solid. I dragged all of the roof planes away from one another, and all displayed properly as dashed.

My roof settings were for:
Show on Stories: all relevant stories
Floor Plan Display: Projected with Overhead
Show Projection: Entire Element
Uncut Lines: Solid Line
Overhead Lines: Dashed

and my Floor Plan Cut Plane was adjusted to include the entire roof.

Maybe I'm missing the problem though?

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By Barry Kelly
It is a line issue - not peculiar to just roofs.
It just shows up mainly on roofs because all hips, valley and ridges are comprised of two roof polygons sharing one edge.

What I think would be a good solution in all cases is if all lines could be comprised from two pen colours.
One for the line portion and another for the gap.
The gap could be set as a white pen so that in all situation of one line on top of another it would always appear as dashed.
Maybe it could even have a transparent option as with the fills (background pen) for when you don't want to mask what is behind the gaps (but then why use a dashed line (unless colours are important)).