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By ~/archiben
Karl Ottenstein wrote:Well, if I keep going a week in between checking messages here too many more times, I think Ben is going to get there before me! Sure glad that senior status includes that limo; I'd hate to pay Manhattan parking rates! Tell the staff to get a nice selection of single malts put together for me...although at my current rate of posting it'll be a while!

you mean i have to go to manhattan for a whiskey?

this is my 500th post, (so i guess i'm not completely 'off-topic'), and i figured it just as well be as meaningless as the other 499 :wink:

karl - you're going to have to pull that USB plug out of your ear and get a shift on, or i will be commandeering the limo before you get a chance . . . :D

congratulations matthew - don't forget to hold the door open for us when we get there...