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By kurbkilla
Hi again, we are trying to clean up our standers, and we were wondering if there was any AIA CAD Layering system available for mac. Without the section, or detail layers, and that is free for download.

Thanks again for the help.
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By owen
I think what you are after is the layer system contained in the US NCS. The NCS is not free however, and it is still very much based around AutoCAD/2D cad standards so there are many areas which do not translate directly to a 3D/BIM solution such as ArchiCAD particularly well. We have just gone through this with one of our clients in Aus who uses the NCS. ... t_list&c=4

Something to keep an eye on is the development of the National BIM Standard .. this should be much more relevant to ArchiCAD than the NCS in terms of structuring data (inc layers):

hope this helps