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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIM Server/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIM server to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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By ksymons19
We have not yet received AC13, but that is not stopping us from preparing for it. Until the manual advises otherwise, we may install the BIM Server onto the same system that also hosts our shared network but the question we had was whether the BIM Server application would take up one of our licenses? I tried surfing for an answer...

From Graphisoft's website:
GRAPHISOFT BIM Server is a standalone application that ships with AC13 for free. This application is the core of ArchiCAD Next-Gen Teamwork solution and can be installed as a separate application from the ArchiCAD 13 installer. This application synchronizes the changes in the new Teamwork solution between client computers and the central model on the server.

Requirements for BIM Server
[.....]Note for Windows users: QuickTime 7 or later and Java 6 or later are required to run ArchiCAD. ArchiCAD installer will automatically install Java 6 (build 1.6.12) and QuickTime 7 if they are not present on your computer. [.....]


While my impression is now that it is indeed a separate application from AC13 and I can install it separately, will it still be able to operate independently from AC13? Because under the Requirements for BIM Server, it mentions running ArchiCAD. Plus, in the FAQ quote, it mentions the "central model on the server." Is that an ArchiCAD file which will require AC13 to be installed and used along with it, using up one of our licenses?
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By Erika Epstein
Archicad, the Bimserver and the BIMserver Manager are 3 separate installations. The BIMserver and BIMserver Manager do not use up an archicad license. Only a archicad in a licensed (commercial or educational) will do that.

The BIMserver (BS) includes the manager. This is the one you install on the computer that will used for the server.

The BIMserver Manager is installed on all computers that want to access the BS. You will install it on all computers in your office that will also have archicad installed.

Archicad can be used in demo mode in conjunction with the BIMserver and BIMserver Manager.

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By LaszloNagy
Erika Epstein wrote:The BIMserver Manager is installed on all computers that want to access the BS. You will install it on all computers in your office that will also have archicad installed.

I think you do not necessarily have to install it on every computer that has ArchiCAD on it.
It is a BIM Server Manager so it may be installed on only those machines from which you want to be able to manage the BIM Server.
For example a simple Draftsman does not necessarily have to have the BIM Server Manager installed on his computer.
On the other hand, the BIM Manager guys of the office may think that it is most convenient for him to be able to manage the BIM Server from any User's machine. In that case I can imagine that he will install it on every machine so that he does not have to switch to another computer just to make or change some settings in the BIM Server.
It is also possible that the BIM Manager of the office will decide that he installs the BIM Server Manager only on his own computer.

Or here is another option: after installing the BIM Server Manager, one can copy the whole folder it was installed to onto a Pen drive. Then he can take it with him, plug it into any computer and run the BIM Server Manager from the Pen drive. This way he can manage the BIM Server from any machine anywhere without installing it on those machines.
I tried this on my own computer:
1. Installed BIM Server Manager
2. Copied the whole installed folder to a Pen drive.
3. Uninstalled the BIM Server Manager from the computer.
4. Ran the BIM Server Manager from the Pen drive.
And it works.
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By Steve Jepson
by Pen drive do you mean CodeMeter Stick?
Do we need to buy CM sticks to use ArchiCAD 13?

Shot at 2009-10-01

If this is something we need to set up the network they should have told up so we could have them ready when the upgrade gets here.

My reseller does not have any or know how much they will cost yet.
I think the new programs come with a CodeMeter Stick rather than the WIBU Dongle we have for use with 12. The upgraged to 13 from 12 do not include the CodeMeter Stick. We will have to pay extra for that. ??
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By ksymons19
Good question - I just assumed he meant your typical USB memory stick drive but didn't think of the new CM stick.

I don't think the CM sticks are required to link AC13 to the BIMServer. Sounds like any type of internet connection, ethernet or wireless, would link your computer to the BS. After looking at ArchicadWiki, looks like the CM stick is just a new issue for those who never had a WIBU key.
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By LaszloNagy
What I meant was any kind of a Pen drive.
So you just copy your BIM Server Manager files to any pen drive and run it from that on any machine.

I think the new CodeMeter is also a Pen drive meaning it has some 2 GB of memory, but I will have to check with GS. It is also made of steel so you can drive over it with your car and it is supposed to stay operational.
Also, Codemeter keys enable "licence borrowing".

Here is a full article about it on ArchiCADWiki:

It talks about all the questions Steve has asked.
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By lec1212
Read the listed link...
"If you are an upgrader, but want to use CodeMeter anyway:
You can exchange your WIBU key for a CodeMeter key, for a fee."

So existing sheep get sheared again?
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By ejrolon
What if my USB key is lost? :wink:

AFAIK, the subscription includes key insurance for lost or damaged keys.

The substitution will be the new type or the USB one?
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By Steve Jepson
laszlonagy wrote:I asked the guys at GS.
The Codemeter dongle does NOT have memory in it so it is not also a pen drive.
My bad.

The one they are shipping you mean. You can get them with memory.