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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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It appears that all of the doors, at least the ones I tried, in the US version of 13 no longer give you the ability to set the color of the swing pen. Not only does it screw up our graphics but we use the colors of the doors to send them to particular layers in the DWG translator because we send out files to our consulatnats that have existing, demo and new doors in them and thats the only way I know of to make it so all the doors aren't one layer. Used to be there. Now its gone. That's just awesome.
OK, so I found where it went but now its a global setting under Model View Options??? All door swings have to be the same color, that's ridiculous. What's next you're going to tell me all walls have to be brick? All roofs need to be flat?
I spotted that too. Hopefully it's just an oversight. ... p?p=154190

The work around would be to use the 'old' AC12 doors found in the migration library, but this defeats the point of global parameters. Doors and windows should individually be able to override any particular MVO setting in special cases.
I see from that other post, I hadn't even thought of the swing type but I know a lot of firms use straight vs curved to differentiate between new and existing. This is a huge mistake in my opinion, not to be able to control doors individually. I don't even know why you would make this a global thing anyway. You're setting every other parameter of each door individually, or in groups using find and select (or the method of your choice) why is this a global view setting? Absolutely stupid.
You can over-ride the MVO option.
1. Set the door/window to show SYMBOLIC

2. On the Floor Plan Display Tab un-check use object pens and line-types and set them as you want that individual door to read.

The only MVO that can't be over-ridden is the swing type of straight or curved. This should be the 3rd item to be unchecked after unchecking use objects pen
use objects linetype
use objects swing style
Customizing individual doors so not MVO.jpg
Doesn't work because then every part of the door becomes a single pen color, we have frames one color, doors another, swings another, glass another, set within the parameters of the door. The whle point of having all that functionality within the doors setting is so you can customize them to look anyway you want. That is until Graphisoft arbitrarily decides that this is a function is no longer necessary. How do you come to the decision that all door swings in a view must be the same color the same linetype and all straight or curved? What's next all walls in a view must be the same linetype and color? Why take that one piece of functionality out of the individual door controls and make it a global view setting, doesn't make any sense, it doesn't belonmg there.
I am not disagreeing with you. I was showing extent to which you can over-ride the global setting. This came up during the beta testing. This change for only a global setting does not work.
Didn't mean to jump down your throat, I usually don't get so worked up about the changes as most of the time I can see that the different things are better in the long run, but this one just seems so wrong to me. And if they are going to make a gloabal setting be part of the view options it should be similar to the override on fills, if you want to control all door swings globally it should be an override in the view settings, but leave the base functionality for parts of the door back in the door parameters where it belongs.
I'm with you!
I'm still weeks away from getting R13 (down-under we're waiting catch the trade winds blowing in from the west...) but this sounds like a nightmare. :x
We want more control, not less...
Thanks for the explanation Erika, interesting it came up in Beta testing. Was it acknowledged or a reason given for remaining or just forgotten?
My convention is that existing doors/windows get builders markers (just the W x H dimension along the sill) whereas new penetrations get full labels with ID tags that are scheduled. I can't abide by the straight line (and it does nothing to address windows, as my method does).