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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIM Server/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIM server to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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I am not 100% sure of the sequence of events before this error occurred, but to the best of my knowledge, it went like this:

Team member 1 tries to create a modified version of a layer combination.
Team member 2 has Layer combinations reserved.

It is possible to create a new layer combination without requiring TM1 to reserve layer combos. TM creates new layer combo and does some work with it.

Team member 2 retains reservation of layer combinations.

TM 1 sends and receives, gets error message saying that Layer Combinations must be reserved first. Probably so he can send in his newly created combo.

TM 2 releases layer combos to TM 1

TM1 Sends and receives. No error about layer combinations, but instead gets this message: Teamwork Error - "Server returns error code!"

TM2 Sends and Receives but does not get TM 1 work.

TM1 force quits ArchiCAD since it's not possible to get a send and receive done. The hope is maybe the project error will go away when TM1 is re-established to project. BUT Reopening ArchiCAD says the project has been detached from the BIM server and send and receive will no longer be possible.

There is no indication of any activity from TM1 on the BIM Server log during those last attempts to send and receive. No report of errors and no way to determine what kind of error might have occurred. TM1 basically loses his ability to send in his work via teamwork.

TM2 is working fine and still has ability to send and receive.
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Hi Daniel,

Sounds like a job for the tech support gurus... :-(

During beta, I remember someone getting that message - so informative in that it mentions an error code but does not give it...

When you say you checked the logs, there are actually many different log files. One of the things that the Help menu option to create a 'support package' does is to gather all of those log files and other data together into one (rather huge) file for tech support to analyze. They may ask you for this.

On the server side, did you look at the ServerMonitor.log file located by default under Applications > Graphisoft > BIM Server > TeamworkServer > Logs > ServerMonitor

Also (perhaps more informative in this case) TeamworkServer.log in a sibling folder:
Applications > Graphisoft > BIM Server > TeamworkServer > Logs > ServerManager

Will be interesting to hear how this all works out.

Thanks Karl. I will go through them tomorrow and see if I see anything. One would hope that GS could log in remotely as a user and actually do some investigating. I'm sure teh problem would disappear if the project was turned into a PLN.

We are also experiencing some issues with the CADIMage Door and Window schedules saying "NO ACCESS" instead of reserve or request. Working on that with them too.
Yes - the exact sequence of events that you describe is what led us to receive the same error code. Unbelievable - we're working toward a deadline and this comes up. I see this post has been viewed several hundred times - so are there any answers yet? :evil:
I found this problem today, It may have come about when one teamwork member unlinked a hotlinked module while another member upgraded and updated it. I'm not sure but that seems to be what was going on.

I thought I would share my work through in case it helps someone.

User 1: gets "Server returns error code!" message when sending and receiving.

User 2: can work normally but does not receive User 1's updates

STEP 1 - User 1: "Release all unmodified elements" (Teamwork Palette)
STEP 2 - User 1: turn on all layers
STEP 3 - User 1: use "find and select" and select all items in own workspace.
STEP 4 - User 1: save selection as module
STEP 5 - User 1: repeat steps 2 and 3 on any stories in User 1's workspace
STEP 6 - User 1: Save as Solo Project.

STEP 7 - User 2: Send & Receive (this should release all of User 1's unmodified elements)
STEP 8 - User 2: turn on all layers
STEP 9 - User 2: use "find and select" and select all items in User 1's workspace.
STEP 10 - User 2: use the selections palette and make a selection of User 1's elements.
STEP 11 - User 2: repeat steps 9 and 10 on any stories in User 1's workspace
STEP 12 - User 2: import the modules of User 1's elements and place them in such a way that you position them correctly later. (eg. I usually move them 100m to the left)
STEP 13 - User 2: Force User 1 to leave project.
STEP 14 - User 2: use the selections palette to select previously selected items
STEP 15 - User 2: reserve selected items
STEP 16 - User 2: delete (or move) items
STEP 17 - User 2: move previously placed modules to correct position
STEP 18 - Everyone: have a drink
nice method Andrew however I had this problem today and the thing is that the team member was working on annotation in elevations and sections, so we have to go through all the elevations , sections ...etc .. and the guy was having this since yesterday and didn't mention it ! ( duhhh ) ... so anyhow the only way was to re-share his file . and do the changes from other members ( lucky were few ) . but really it would be helpful if we can understand why it happened and how we can solve it without re-sharing .
I got the same error just some hours ago.
How is it possible to determine which element stops the send/receive process?
It's a nightmare ...
Fortunately Team member having the problem could receive all the modifications from the other members and save the current team project in pln file avoiding to lose the done job ...
I hope with the AC14 the teamwork will become more robust ...
Is this the same sort of error? Why does this happen?

"A serious error has occurred during the recieve, which has [expletive] irreparably damaged your local copy of the project." the last known good version of the project is the autosave: reload from autosave to continue working. your unsent changes cannot be recovered and they will be lost."

Why teamwork are you eating my work....
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