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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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By Master Script
Each month Master Script will make a customized ArchiCAD object completely free of charge! You can send in your request and each month one of them will be developed by Master Script.
The ArchiCAD object will be available on the website and it will be posted on the Object-Depository of Archi-Talk.

Send your request via the contact form ( State clearly what the object should do and how the representation should be in different views.
Leave your e-mail address for any communications about the object.
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By lec1212
Now that's a supper cool offer!
Very generous Master Script.
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By sigitas
Hi Master Script
for holes in wall i use windows > openings > W round openings or W rectangular openings. I little modificed them, they drawing the special symbol on plan. For information using element label.
In label is presented WH and level of center of round hole and bottom of rectangular hole with entered text "alt."

In general we missing the hole symbol and label.
the expl. see ... ht=#151641
(14.06 KiB) Downloaded 1447 times
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By Master Script
As I have promised, I will build a free custom object each month. The first object I am going to build is a sea container requested by PHSantos from Portugal.

He has asked for a standard size shipping container with standard dimensions. He has send me drawings of a sea container.
PHSantos, I have a few questions:
-can you post a picture of such a container.
-what are you planning to use the container for? Do you wish to use it only for exterior views (3D or elevations) or also on sections?
-How detailed do you want it to be? I don't think you need every bold and screw, that won't be realistic?
-the sea container you have send me has the dimensions (width x length x height) 8' x 40' x 9'6". Is this the only size?

Meanwhile you can all post new requests for next month free custom objects here.
By Braza
Hi Master Script,

Thank you mate!...I really appreciate your generous offer! :D

The thing is... I've been doing some research, and I found that there's a lot of architects making pretty good projects using it as a kind of "lego" blocks.
In the picture you can see a single container, a standard dimensions table, as well as a small example of what can be done with this amazing modular structure.

So... IMO, the object would have this parameters:
01. Length standard dimension (2d/3d editable hotspots);
02. Angle Doors opening (2d/3d editable hotspots);
03. On/off Doors (2d/3d editable hotspots);
04. On/off Right wall (2d/3d editable hotspots);
05. On/off Left wall (2d/3d editable hotspots);
06. On/off Rear wall (2d/3d editable hotspots);
07. On/off Roof (2d/3d editable hotspots);
08. On/off Floor (2d/3d editable hotspots);
09. On/off Hardware, namely door pivots and lock;
09. Material Doors (Interior/Exterior);
10. Material Right wall (Interior/Exterior);
11. Material Left wall (Interior/Exterior);
12. Material Rear wall (Interior/Exterior);
13. Material Roof (Interior/Exterior);
14. Material Floor (Interior/Exterior);

Regarding the level of detail:
- It doesn't need to represent bold and screws, just the main geometry;
- It would be viewed in 3d/2d/Sections as well in schedules;
- It have to represent all the structural columns and beams;
- Edges may all be sharp;
- The corrugated sheet may appear only in small scales;
- Beams and columns may be hollowed only in small scales;

It also would be:
- A single object with no macros;
- Scale sensitive;
- FPCP (Floor Plan Cut Plan) sensitive;
- Imperial/Metric sensitive;

Ok... I guess its a good start.

Once again, thank you for your great offer! ;)
By Braza
Master Script wrote:Now I see your list of parameters, I can understand why you call it a generous offer :wink:
And I was just warming up. :twisted:

Now seriously... If you need any help you can count on me.
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By Master Script
Just finishing off for today. The dwg Braza send me are inaccurate and also in feet, so I had to rebuild the 2D drawings first.
But I got some good progress doing the trapezoid and corners.

Braze, do you have some more details about the doors and the locks? Another 2D file or description would nice.
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