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Is there a way to change the default Library folder in the BIM Server Preferences? I seems to be editable, but I cannot change the text in this field. Also there is not a browse button for this. Is the only way to change this location to re-install the server? Seems like an oversight to me!
You should be able to change the location on the preferences tab of the BIM Server Manager.

Do you have the rights to make changes here?
I cannot help but wonder why Graphisoft did not provide a user control in the dialog for relocating the library, but I found a workaround that saves you from having to reinstall the BS.

Shut down your BS.

Open the file TeamworkServer.config.xml in the folder Applications (or Program Files) > Graphisoft > BIM Server > TeamworkServer > Config

Change the library path as located in the attached screenshot.

Restart your BS.

I tested this by creating the new folder Libraries_test and verifying that when I started the BS, this was the folder used ... and that no libraries were found in that location. I uploaded a library, and it went there.

I then deleted the contents of that folder, and moved all of my old-location library content (being sure to include everything - especially the attachments.db file) into the new folder, and BS and ArchiCAD found everything.

This has not been approved by Graphisoft - but as far as I can tell, it gives you a means of moving your libraries to a different location pretty easily.

Change lib location.png