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Here's my problem, somehow a project has gotten littered with all sorts of layers from consultants. I have gone through all drawings in all hotlinked modules, I have turned all tools to "one active layer, and have successfully purged all of these unwanted layers. Everything looks great, I run updates, everything looks great, but then I reopen that file the next day, and all those unwanted layers are back. I have checked all forums, and tried everything, can't clear 'em. Any suggestions.
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By David Larrew
Are you using any X-Refs?
Are you using the Attribute Manager to delete the unwanted Layers or are you just deleting them in the Layers dialog?
What type of files are the Hotlinks? How many? Do you have Nested Hotlinks?
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There were DWG xrefs, but their attributes are filed in the correct spot. I have also deleted them, still same result. But, I believe this is where they came from, somehow they've jumped over the line. I purged the layers in the Attribute Mngr. There are 5 hotlinked pln files that are model info only, no nested modules.
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By David Larrew
And the Hotlinked .PLN files don't have any of the rogue Layers in them? Just the main file?
Is the main file Teamworked (.PLP)?
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No, all the .PLN files act exactly the same, including the main file. The main file was a .PLN until yesterday, I was trying to clear this up before then, but it is now a .PLP
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By David Larrew
Hmmm. How many Layer Combinations do you have in the main file? I've heard of some instances where unusually large number of Layer Combinations caused unexplained file problems.

Once the file has been Teamworked it is harder to work on attribute problems like this.

How many of the rogue Layers are in the file? You could always rename the rogue Layers to be used in the project. Have you tried renaming the Layers to see if the renamed ones remain and the original Layers return?

It is hard to troubleshoot without the actual file to investigate. Have you talked to your local reseller and asked for help?
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Not an unusual amount of combo's, about 8.

I know, if I can think of anything to help it, then I'll stay late and work it as a solo file, but I've exhausted all my ideas.

There's probably 200. About 10 times more than the layers I setup. Haven't tried renaming, could try and see.

No, never have talked to the wholesaler, never had a problem I couldn't eventually fix.

Any other suggestions. Now that someone else doesn't have any other ideas I am really getting worried.

Also, while I have you paying attention, do you think that a 250 mb file is too big? I've done a lot of tweeking to get it down to that.
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I've even tried starting w/ a blank document, and merging in the model, they still appeared. My only idea now is to copy and paste the model into a blank.
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By David Larrew
Copying the model into an empty clean file should work. If not, there is definitely something in your file that is linked to those Layers.

Before resorting to the copy-paste into a new file exercise, you could try this:
1. Start a fresh file from "New and Reset".
2. Delete all Layers (except ArchiCAD Layer), all Sections and Elevations, all Layouts and Master Layouts (except 1 Layout and Master), all Materials, all Line Types, all Composites... you get the idea.
3. Save the file.
4. Open the problem file.
5. Delete the rogue Layers.
6. Merge in the saved empty fresh file.
7. Save the file.

See what that does.