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By nedostizni
Ok, i have two problems:

1. When i publish a file into the .pdf format, everything seems to be ok, except the text wich is not apearing in the .pdf file. When i try to select a text at the .pdf file, it looks like the text is there, it`s just like it has a transparent color. What seems to be the problem?

2. Because of this first problem, i was forced to use some PDF Converter instead of standard publishing option. I used a Amyuni Converter, and everything seems to be ok with it, but now i have a problem with the Image fills. They are somewhat blurry, and on some places completly black, in a contrary to the regular Archicad Publish option, wich has no problems with the image fill, but does with the text.

Any help please. Thanks.
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By gkmethy
Please read this:

I believe this workaround still applies. There is (still) a problem with the PDF engine that we are licensing, but we have built in a registry key option into ArchiCAD to work around the problem. If you are comfortable with registry key editing, this might work for you. This will embed all the fonts in the PDF file, causing a bigger file size, but eliminating the white text problem.

Thanks for the answer gkmethy. On the link you gave me, it says that i need to download a Hotfix 1200 or newer. As i have a Archicad 12 INT, wich version of Hotfix would you suggest to me. Also, i couldn`t find a download link for any of those hotlinks. I tried using search here, and at the Google, but all i get are pages with Hotfix suggestions, presentations, etc, but not download links. Can you give me a hand with the link also.


I don`t have a place from where i can download that file(don`t have a internet connection, i am using a local cafe one, and they have some kind of restriction for files download), so take your time, no rush.
Thanks for the reply.

Does this mean, i can install for example this 2420 hotfix to my clean Archicad 12 INT version? By this "clean" i ment: not patched, or any updates, or hotfix installed on it.
By nedostizni
thanks for the reply gkmethy. Just this one: i am have the following problem, after rendering the image in Internal engine (it took him several hours, cause the location is huge-12 hectars (30 acres), and has a lof of trees on it) the image simply disapears, that is, the rendered image window closes itslelf.

At the list of "List of bugs fixed in this Hotfix*:" for 2420, i haven`t found this fix. So how can i fix it?

This is not happening to me when i am using Lightworks, the rendered image did not closes after finishing.