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I am using multiple overlapping zones (total as built areas, Rooms, Zones in the Building, etc...) most of them on top of each other because they are in different categories and different layers.

I need to Schedule objects and I want to show the room in which the objects are. How can I be sure that it will chose the Room Zone and not the Built Up area Zone? I tried turning on/off the layer, it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance!!

Be sure to add the desired Layer to the Schedule's Criteria list (in the Scheme Settings dialog). You will need to make multiple Schedules to separate the different outputs.
I and others here have had trouble with overlapping zones, even when putting them on separate layers. Duane Valencia had a recent post about this problem.

I don't know what your project is but there are some workarounds.
For example with residential I have to do heat/cool area and volume. So I have my overall zones on a separate layer but move them a set distance away from the building so all the other schedules read correctly. When ther e is an update in the footprint, I update the geometry of these zones then move them back away from the main building. Tedious, but not difficult. The zone tags stay by the plan so the numbers are read as needed by the building department and others.
I have been playing around with this and I think if you set the renovation status of the overall zone to the be "demolished/demolition status" and hide things to be demolished on the "planned status", then set your schedule to be on "planned status" you can isolate the information on the schedule. Still trying to figure out how to reference two zones in one schedule but as far as I have read that is not possible.
Thanks for the tip, though the post is a few years old, back in 2010 we didn't have a renovation status to play with.

An alternative is to have different layer combs with zones in different layer priorities... and the schedule would work as a view, not as a viewpoint.

hi! I came across a similar situation: I need to schedule the equipment for each room in several variations, which I was able to do by adding the different zone numbers & renovation status as criteria (see the attached screenshot about this). my problem is: if I copy something to be in a new zone, the schedule handles the newly copied items as they were still in the zone of the original items. for some strange reason if I pick up the objects with the eyedropper, then place it, sometimes it happens, sometimes not, I wasn't able to determine what is inducing it.

workaround: I added some unique blabla to each objects' ID, which was enough to filter them, but it was so tedious. :(
I am using multiple overlapping Zones the same way as NandoMogollon is. I am sure that majority of users end up using multiple overlapping zones, because it is logical and there is a need for various zone related data.
We have need for total zones, building face or site block zones, rental area or apartment zones etc. and finally single room/space zones. These zones (IfcSpaces) do overlap. I cannot figure out how to schedule rooms inside an apartment nor zones inside the block that is going to be build next.

Can I sort or schedule these overlapping zones some how?
Could it be possible that ArchiAD Zone does not know smaller zones that bigger one overlaps?
I must thank you all for this discussion...
I did a specific renovation status named Project and general data where I stuck the zones that are not room specific zones .
The schedules now work correctly !!!
(I also use the renovation status for specific variations)...
Although not as automated, but more reliable (always had problems with automated zones, as there is no warning mechanism...) is the following:

1. use a custom property that is set directly on elements to be scheduled (select all objects);

2. use the hotlink master ID to associate the elements to the space in the schedule;

Until GS sorts out the zone tool this seems the best way for us.