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By Bruce
We should be able to control the home story and display range of elevation and section markers the same as slabs & roofs.

This allows changing of home story after placement and the ability to control just on what stories the markers are shown.
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By Bruce
At the moment you can't change the home story. You can also only control story visibility by limiting the vertical range and then choosing either entirely in range or partly in range.

I have often encountered situations where this isn't sufficient.
While I have never had a problem with this myself, it does seem appropriate that it should be possible to change the home story of the section and elevation markers just like anything else. Of course you can cut and paste the marker from one story to another but this will lose any annotations.

In general I would like to see more consistency in the "show on stories" options. It seems that all elements should be as similar as possible with differences only where strongly dictated by the element type.
I've been there before and used THIS workaround.
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By jfanjoy
I just stumbled upon this exact same problem in my project. It would be convenient if GS implemented a "home story" for section markers.
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By Link
I have just been playing with this again for the umpteenth time.

The Home Story is simply the story it was first created on.

If you cut & paste onto another story, ArchiCAD will create an independent viewpoint that remains even when you paste the source marker back in. Why do we need that?!

One good way to control the visibility is to set the vertical range and have the marker just show partly or entirely within that range.

This is good when your story levels are set, but if you change them, all the markers need to be readjusted. :evil:

When we set the vertical range of a S/E/IE it should be linked to and update if we change our story heights. :idea:

I doubt anyone would want these to be static (relative to project zero) and not update if their building or story heights change.

The inability to control the home story causes problems when another story is added to the project. We are working on a tower project. It started as a 19 story project, 90% through, the client wanted to add another level of parking to it. No problem, insert a new story between 5 and 6. The markers though kept their original home story. Marker created on story 8 (and only showing on 8), remained on story 8 even though story 8 became story 9. Same with markers on the roof. They are now 1 story down and require a lot of fiddling with so they display on the proper story.
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By ejrolon
Stress Co. wrote:I've been there before and used THIS workaround.
a 5 1/2 year old work around still needed :D
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By Link
Yes I also noticed that if we set our S/Es to partially or entirely in range then capture them in a detail or worksheet (say for an enlarged floor plan), they simply won't appear. It's like they are trying to use the vertical range within the detail or worksheet window.

Ironically this method is used for interior elevations (because the interior elevation tool is unusable), so it hits us where it hurts the most.

Obviously in high rise projects, using the unique layer workaround is not a viable option.

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