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By TMA_80
Yep, no surprise àla TW2 exept TW2 for ac14 (again ) :wink: .

However two minor intresting features:

- shadows in opengl
- Direct Dwg import

PS: Two features are still missing for AC12 there were 12 'new' features & 13 for AC13 ...
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By Dennis Lee
I can't believe more than a third of the new features videos are showing how good Revit is. This is a big let down to say the least.

Only useful feature for me is prefix and suffix of dimensions. Wow what a great new innovative feature....Geez.
By Mark Flamer
Is this an official release? If so, why is everyone so quiet?
By pinchu71
I'm still in shock...
¿no mention to 64 bits for mac?
I really hope that this leak is incomplete, we need more features in the final version.
This new features don't make me happy, only two of them looks useful for my work.
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By rwallis
Not surprising, and as usual leaves one feeling underwhelmed. It will be interesting to watch this forum's reaction to these videos....especially those who have been questioning their subscriptions....

A nice fix for TW2 users is the 'pack & go' feature that makes the whole deal a lot more viable.

Sad that there seems to be no "foundation level" fix that gives hope for the future....
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By owen
Krippahl wrote:Wow, that is hot news. Better make a copy of the movies before they get pulled down...
Uh yeah .. looks like someone jumped the gun there :shock:
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By rwallis
not sure if someone jumped the gun - actually it is more typical of the laissez-faire attitude GS seems to have adopted nowadays...I would not be surprised if it turned up in the mail tomorrow unannounced...
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