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GDL language and objects, API, Add-ons, Script…

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By stefan
Take a look at Unity > mono framework with C#, Javascript and boo and running on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Windows Phone, Playstation, XBox, Wii, Webplayer, …

Or Python running on almost any platform and integrated into many CAD and 3D applications (Rhino, Maya, Cinema4D)
By peter_h
Or maybe, if not an integrated scripting language, then at the very least, an API implemented using HTTP methods (e.g., GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE), i.e. a RESTful web service.
Then we could program and create GUIs in whatever language we want that can talk TCP/IP. Now if only we could find a language that does that... :roll:
By peter_h
Also of interest:

"Written with open standards in mind, xBIM (eXtensible Building Information Modelling) is a free, open-source, software development toolkit that allows developers to create bespoke BIM middleware for IFC-based applications.

xBIM is a .NET toolkit, so developers can build everything from simple command-line applications, to extensions for Windows applications and Web services. An example of this would be: an “Add-In” for commercial BIM tools such as Autodesk Revit.
By galfarragem
I would go for Ruby (once Autodesk killed AutoLisp).
Can be the missing link between BIM packages. It's simple, OO is perfectly designed and open-source. Could boost archicad and BIM scripting community.

Sketchup -> Ruby API
Revit 2014+ -> Ruby API
Archicad 19+ -> Ruby API
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By TMA_80
We could imagine that a feature like the new multi-edit would long have been acheived from some scripters...
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By Karl Ottenstein
TMA_80 wrote:We could imagine that feature like the new multi-edit would long have been acheived from some scripter...

Interesting. I cannot imagine how this would be done without involving an extremely heavy development effort to product a scripting function... and such a script. To achieve multi-edit, as it operates in 18 in the 3D window, would be a complex API add-on... and I don't see any script language making that any easier.

Sure, it would be nice to have a built-in, approachable scripting approach vs having to code in C/C++ in the API... but I really don't see the high cost of creating such a scripting environment to pay off for GS in terms of sales... which is the bottom line. ;-)
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By TMA_80
Hi Karl,
I'm not a programmer,so I could not answer... However, I could imagine what could be done as it is in the Sketchup World.
By galfarragem
A scripting language would not boost sales but would for sure add value to archicad. This added value could make a diference in the long term. Sketchup, for exemple, would be much less powerful without ruby and probably some people that use it professionally would not use it.
By peter_h
I think it's very short-sighted to question the benefits of adding scripting functionality to a modelling program. Here are some of the kinds of tools that get created when you have your platform open to enhancement via a scripting (C# in the case of Rhino & Grasshopper addons):

Here's something a little more esoteric (Python):

These are all pretty fancy, but as a simple, more practical example where ArchiCAD workflow could be improved, take a look at the "Selections" palette. Do you use it? Probably not, because it's a half-baked idea. Good in principle, but no doubt would have been replaced with something very useable, if we had access to a scripting system.
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By stefan
Scripts, like GDL, are less dependent from the API version. Remember how many great and useful ArchiCAD addons have been abandoned each time a new ArchiCAD was released? I'm afraid of starting to rely on addons, as they deprecate each year and no guarantee of them being recompiled for a new release.

Scripting is for power users, to extend the workflow. It has done miracles to get AutoCAD and now Revit integrated into workflows.

They don't even have to,reinvent a language, as GDL might fit the bill. GDL as it stands is limited to a single object in isolation. With scripting you can automate processes, generate objects, integrate into workflows (eg steering Object generation from an Excel sheet), link to online sources or databases.

Currently the DevKit is what allows such extensions but is really hard to get into.