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By David Joy
Is there anyone out there who can help? We have set-up in our office with Macs using OS9 (with ArchiCAD 7.0) and OSX. While accessing an OS9 machine from an OSX one, I thought I was deleting an "alias" in my side bar, and was horrified to see a message come up "preparing to delete files". Despite hitting the "stop" button immediately, we lost a large folder on the OS9 machine containing a number of ArchiCAD project files as well as .PMK, .GSM and .LAY files.

The G4 Mac OS9 machine was whisked off to Kroll Ontrack in Epsom for data recovery (I am told that they are top dog for such work) last Friday. They have recovered the .GSM and .PMK files but say that they cannot find "headers" in order to identify and recover the .PLN (the most important files) or .LAY files.

Has anyone else been in this situation before and if so, can you give us some pointers (apart from regular backing up...!)? Thanks!
By DeJay
When my MacBook hard drive crashed, the Genius at my apple store tested it and said it had several bad blocks and was probably too far gone to retrieve anything, short of extremely cost-prohibitive third-party data recovery services. This problem led me to the more applicable Disk Drill Mac data recovery . For only $89 I was able to recover ALL of my lost files and then replace the hard drive. WHEW!